International Taxation

We have a long lasting experience in the tax consultancy of companies and individuals. Our services comprise:

  • Preparation of tax returns for employees (seconded staff, expatriates) and other individuals with domestic and foreign income. 
  • Tax support of expatriates with domestic income, domestic individuals regarding their income from foreign sources, retired persons located in a foreign country, frontier employees (e.g. crossing the Swiss or Austrian border on a regular basis).
  • Ongoing tax consultancy to foreign or international companies, which own a permanent establishment (PE) or a related company in Germany.
  • Creative tax solutions for domestic German companies doing business abroad or planning to do so.
  • Enduring tax assistance during the formation of companies or PE in foreign countries as well as temporary cooperation with tax consultants and other governmental agencies of the designated country.    
  • Support and coordination help when founding new companies in Germany by international companies or individuals.
  • Contact partner during international tax Audits.
  • Preparation of the monthly reporting based on group-standards set by the client’s parent company in an international context (referred work).
  • Our tax specialists speak the English, Polish, Romanian, Russian language.